Top 3 commandments of healing from oral surgery

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Have you ever had a cut or canker sore in your mouth and you become aware that you cannot stop touching it with your tongue? Similar feeling come along with toothaches, or even loose teeth when we are children: we simply cannot stop fiddling with them. This, of course, greatly adds to healing time for injuries because the injury keeps getting pestered or interrupted as it tries to heal.

If you have ever had oral surgery or are currently on the mend but realizing that it seems to be taking too long, follow the three commandments of healing from oral surgery to help remind you how to treat your surgical site and heal faster.

  1. Thou shalt leave the surgical site alone- Even though it may be tempting, do your best not to mess with the surgical site. This includes tonguing it, touching it with your fingers, putting any kind of object near it, eating sharp or abrasive foods or using a tooth brush near the site. All of these actions can irritate the site, cause bleeding and make it harder for the site to heal.
  2. Thou shalt keep the surgical site clean- This means to keep your fingers out of your mouth so as not to spread bacteria, but it also means to keep your eating habits in check. If you eat while healing from dental surgery, and you will have to, of course, make sure you are using your irrigation syringe after eating to gently rinse the surgical site, flush out the sockets and sweep away any food debris that can cause bacteria buildup and infection. Additionally, since it is recommended to use a toothbrush in the area, make sure you are regularly using the oral rinse given to you at your oral surgeon‘s office or that you picked up at the pharmacy following the procedure.
  3. Thou shalt let it heal- This means that you should not interfere with the healing process. Your body knows what to do to heal you and you should trust in that process. For example, swelling is a normal bodily process that means the body is pumping extra blood to the site to help it repair damaged tissue. This is what will help your gum tissue grow back over the socket and what will make your mouth pain-free again. Remember to take the medicine prescribed to you as prescribed and attend your follow up appointments because  your surgeon knows a lot about the oral healing process and will have created a care plan for you that helps to support this healing process as much as possible.

Oral surgery is painful and healing can be time consuming and annoying. The mouth is a sensitive part of the body that needs time to heal and recover. As you are healing from oral surgery, you will be back to normal in no time if you just remember these three things: leave it alone, make sure to keep it clean and let it go through the healing process on its own.

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