We all know that a medical cannabis doctor can write a prescription for medical marijuana, but there are a lot of other qualities which separate a medical marijuana doctor from a traditional doctor. In fact, the majority of medical marijuana doctors operating today don’t even share their medical centers with traditional doctors, as their approach to medicine is simply too different from that of a regular doctor. In the following article we will take a look at the three main things which distinguish a medical marijuana doctor form all the rest.

The first thing that separates cannabis doctors from regular doctors is their tendency to avoid prescription drugs. If a patient visits a regular doctor for any sort of problem at all, the solution will be pills and more pills. The traditional medical industry is linked tightly to the pharmaceutical industry, and the two promote and feed each other patients and money. Cannabis doctors are just the opposite of regular doctors because they will do anything within their power to keep tier patients off of traditional drugs. All doctors know how dangerous many common prescription drugs are, and the only difference is that cannabis doctors are doing everything they can to keep their patients off of pills. Major medical cannabis suppliers such as, have reported that the majority of their new clients during the past ten years have been people looking for a way to escape the bounds of traditional prescription drugs, and they have done so with the help of cannabis doctors and other alternative healers.

Cannabis doctors can provide a medical cannabis card to their patients for both physical and emotional problems. Unlike regular doctors who can only prescribe drugs for physical problems, cannabis doctors are able to provide both emotional and physical treatment options. In the world of traditional doctors the standard is for medical doctors to treat only physical problems, which means that a patient’s care is really only half complete. A cannabis doctor takes the time to find out what problems their patients have in body and mind, and then deals with each issue in a more unified way. Since the body can’t be healthy without the mind being healthy, the approach which cannabis doctors take to health tends to be a much more effective one for many patients. If anyone out there feels they need medical help for both their body and their mind, the best option may ultimately be a cannabis doctor.

The last major difference between a cannabis doctor and a regular one is that a cannabis doctor treats a wider range of patients. In traditional medicine there is a doctor for every different problem that exists. If you have a problem with your stomach, they send you to this doctor, if you have a problem with your circulation; they send you to that doctor. Due to the holistic nature of cannabis medicine, a cannabis doctor can provide help to patients with all sorts of different medical problems. One visit to the medical marijuana doctor can be all a patient needs to feel healthy once again.


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