These foods are safe to eat after dental surgery

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If you have recently undergone dental surgery, you are probably in a bit of oral pain. This is normal, especially directly following surgery and after the numbness wears off a bit. After you have spent the day having dental surgery such as wisdom tooth extraction or dental implants, you are probably starting to get a little hungry. A warning, however: do not succumb to your favorite snack foods like popcorn, chips and candy as they can cause infection, pain and extended healing time. Instead, try your best to stick to softer or liquid foods that will be gentle on your gums, teeth and surgical site. Here are a few ideas for foods you can eat while you are on the mend.

  • Mashed potatoes- This family favorite is comfort food to the max, plus it will be soft and easy to eat as it requires no chewing. If you are not feeling nauseous from the painkillers you may have been prescribed, you can also add some gravy to the potatoes for a little extra kick and flavor.
    • Looking for a more diet-friendly option? Try mashed cauliflower or mashed sweet potatoes instead. Cauliflower can be pureed with a little salt and butter and will result in a stand-in for creamy potatoes. Sweet potatoes are extra delicious when mixed with a little cinnamon and butter.
  • Creamy soups- Soup is an easy and filling meal that will not harm your mouth as long as you make sure it does not include any ingredients that may be tough to chew like carrots, beef, celery or chicken. Soft noodles are ok, but try to stick to creamy choices like pureed broccoli cheddar, potato soup or split pea.
  • Eggs- If you are in need of a little protein, eggs are a great thing to eat. Generally scrambled is the best and softest way to consume this food, but you could also get away with poached or over easy as well. Scrambled eggs, however, will feel more like a full meal because they take longer to eat and can be accompanied by condiments such as ketchup. Try to avoid hot sauce, however, as it might irritate the surgical site.
  • Sweet options- If you are craving something sweet, you are in luck because there are so many options for soft sweet treats. Examples include ice cream, frozen yogurt, pudding, whipped cream, Jello and applesauce. You can also mix a few different ingredients to create a smoothie or milkshake, which will not only taste great, but help to soothe and numb a sore mouth after Peak OMS surgery.

As you can see, there are plenty of options for things to eat as you heal. Try your best to stick to these kinds of food for as long as possible following your surgery so you are able to heal faster. Always remember to be gentle with your mouth, keep things away from the surgical site and make sure to use your irrigation syringe after eating anything to avoid painful infections and buildup of debris.

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