There are more types of bicycle accessories than anyone could ever use. most major cities across the US, biking is becoming much more popular. There are a number of reasons why this is happening. For starters, most people realize that biking is a healthy way to get from one place to another. It’s also a great form of exercise, one that doesn’t put as much pressure on the joints as other physical activities like walking and running. On top of being great for a person’s health, biking can also help to reduce the amount of pollution in the air in major cities. Just about every major city in the world has a pollution problem. There are simply too many people doing too much driving, and too many coal plants burning too much coal. When people replace a trip to the store in their car with a trip to the store on a bike, they’re helping to reduce the pollution in the air. Lastly, bikes are becoming much more popular because cities are incentivizing them. They’re setting up bike shares, adding dozens of miles of bike lanes, and even subsidizing things like bike accessories.

Since bicycles are getting much more popular in big cities, it shouldn’t surprise you that bike accessories stores are springing up all over the place. With more bikers on the road than ever before, it only makes sense that businesses would look to capitalize on that by selling them the various gadgets and accessories they need. If you’ve never been in a bicycle accessories store, then you’re probably underestimating just what kind of things you can buy for your bike. There are more types of bicycle accessories than anyone could ever use.

Everybody knows about the main accessories that most bikers have, like a helmet and an emergency pump that fits right onto the bike. Every bicyclist needs those two items. One keeps you safe (the helmet), and the other ensures that if your tires get low or you have a flat that you can resolve the issue. But that’s not where the accessories end. There are lights you can buy to put on your bike so you can ride at night. You can attach a toddler or baby seat so you can take your child with you. You can buy various racks so that you can attach your bike to your car, which allows you to travel to far-off places to bike. Most accessory stores will carry all sorts of locks for your bike, horns that you can put on them, water bottle racks that attach to your bike, and so much more. At ebike stores like Small Planet EBikes, you can even buy an ebike converter set. This set comes with a battery and a bunch of other equipment that allow you to power your bike with electricity. When you pedal it powers the battery, and then the battery can power the bike even when you’re not pedaling. It’s pretty amazing. As you can see, there truly are more types of accessories than any one person could ever want or need.

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