Five things to look for in a Denver wool rugs store. winter and fall tend to be the most popular times of year for people to visit Denver wool rugs stores. Wool rugs are great area rugs because they not only add to the decor of a home, but they also help to keep the home warm during the coldest months of the year. They provide further insulation, and they also offer a warm spot for people to rest their feet after a long day’s work. All that being said, finding a quality rug can be more difficult than most people would think. That’s partly because there are so many stores out there for people to choose from. To help you find the best wool rug store in the Mile High City, here are five things you should be looking for.

1. Lots of Experience. First, you should be looking for wool rug stores with lots of experience. The companies that have been around the longest tend to be the ones with the most knowledge about their products. Experienced companies are able to tell you the differences between the various products they offer, the pros and cons of each type of rug, and even able to give you advice about which rug you should purchase. Don’t trust people who’ve only been working in the wool rug industry for a couple of weeks or a few months. Odds are they aren’t as knowledgeable as you’d like them to be.

2. Variety, Variety, Variety. Second, it’s a good idea to pick a wool rug company that offers a wide variety of rugs. This not only means that they have a huge selection of wool rugs for you to choose from, but they also have handmade rugs, bamboo rugs, and all kinds of other area rugs. The more they have for you to choose from, the greater your chances of finding something you really like.

3. Quality Sources. Third, only shop with wool rug stores that get their rugs from quality sources. If they can’t tell you where the rugs came from, move onto another store.

4. Fair Prices. As with just about anything, you want to find a rug store that offers their wool rugs at fair prices. Don’t pay hundreds more dollars than you need to just because you think that’s what it takes to have a quality rug. That’s not the case.

5. Committed Customer Service. Lastly, shop with wool rug stores that are committed to their customer service. This just means that they field the questions you have and provide you with quality answers, and that they spend time with you getting to know what kind of rug you’re looking for. Committed customer service just means that they take their customers seriously and respect them.

Lolo Rugs and Gifts is one of the few wool rug stores in Denver that brings all five of these things to every customer interaction. They work tirelessly to ensure that each person who walks through their door ends up with a quality rug that they’re going to enjoy having in their home for years and years.

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