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Luís Azevedo

Luís Azevedo

Editor-in-chief (of myself) and Video Editor 

I’ve written sporadically for Azevedo’s Reviews (now The A to Z Review) since the beginning of 2012, covering my interests in film, literature, writing, directing, and stand-up comedy.


This work was recognized by the cultural section of Público. Along with two friends I was distinguished with the Best Academic Documentary Award of Rios – Festival Internacional de Cinema Documental e Transmedia for 3 Homens, 1 Câmara, 1 rio & 1 Peixe, who were then accepting bribes.


I also worked as Second Assistant Producer in the Portuguese movie Pecado Fatal. There was a lot of standing around and staring involved, but also learning and food.


My writing has been featured inMatador Network, Thought Catalog and Taste of Cinema: here and here. This all happened in the past.


The work I’m most proud are the visual essays I’ve started making in 2014 for my channel Beyond the Frame. As I write this in the present they’ve been featured on Open CultureIndieWIRE,SlateThe A.V. Club,Oyster, Nerdist, Uproxx, Konbini, nssMagazineThe AwesomerFocus Knack, io9and several other publications.


My work has also been commissioned by Matador Network for whom I produced 10 Movies That Make you Want to Travel10 of the Most Epic Travel Movies from 1948 to Now, and 10 Best Foreign Travel Movies You’ve Never Seen.


I’m also currently working on a video project with Taste of Cinema to be published in January of 2016, the current future.


For inquiries in the future: