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  • Louis CK on editing

    Louis CK on Editing

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  • How Hollywood is killing Feminism

    ne is a typical house wife who takes care of her children and stays home while the hubbie goes out to provide for them. The other spends her time running after a man and throws tantrums when he leaves her back. One is a 40 year old single woman who moves alone to a new place […]

    Django Unchained: NOT The Hero Black People Deserve

    There was a lot of talk about the excessive use of violence and the n-word in Django Unchained. The criticism is personally hard for me to get. As a non-American, it’s hard to understand the powerful connotation of the word. I know the context, I know some of the facts, but the concept of eliminating […]

    5 Issues With Today’s Blockbusters

    ccording to Mark Kermode, there are three absolute truths: “1. The world is round. 2. We are all going to die. 3.” No one enjoyed Pirate of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The people who did, “are simply suffering from the cinematic equivalent of long-term deprivation from the basics of civilised existence.” “How did they get here? The […]

    Why I’ll Never Love a Book More Than Harry Potter

    I wear glasses and say words like “derogatory”. I watched Arrested Development. So, yeah, I’m pretty smart. I’m not an expert in literature, but I’ve read a few of the Slavics, some Dickens, all of Bukowski’s novels and most of Vonnegut’s. Of my countrymen, I’ve read almost everything by Saramago and Eça; I read one […]

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    Writers talk shop. Some of the best of our time – and none of the worse of our time – give advice on their craft. Asimov, Bukowski, Hemingway, Nabokov, Twain, Vonnegut…

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  • “Have you ever observed that we pay much more attention to a wise passage when it is quoted, than when we read it in the original author?”

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    The scribe’s task is a difficult one. These articles aim at making it easier. One section compiles the teachings of Ward Farnsworth and the use of rhetoric. The other consists on the findings of an aspiring film critic finding his way around the craft by studying the best.

    Rhetoric Criticism

This is the second and last point I’ll recycle from Roger Ebert’s Little Rule Book. His advice goes on to be more and more specific, moving away from the broader notions of how to write a movie review. It’s understandable. He didn’t want to give away all of his secrets and end up without a […]

    • f you’re looking for simple guidelines on how to write film criticism, you can do a lot worse than to look at Roger Ebert’s Little Rule Book for movie critics. Some of it is very specific. He talks about what to do and what not to do when you meet Clint Eastwood, or the policies […]